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Rules and policies


 Any pupil who is absent must bring to the class teacher a note which explains the absence.  Prior notification of any lengthy absence would be appreciated.  All notes are filed and unsatisfactory notes are referred to the Principal.  Parents will be automatically contacted after the child has been absent (without explanation) for three (3) consecutive days or patterns of days.  eg Three Mondays/Fridays. 

By law, all students must attend school unless excused by illness or family circumstances.  Unsatisfactory or no explanations are deemed unexplained.

Parents and guardians are advised that the following process will be followed in cases of repeated unexplained or unsatisfactory absences.

  1. Parents or guardians will be contacted by letter or phone to inform them when unexplained absences by students have occurred.

  2. If there is a concerning number of instances of unexplained absences by a student in a calendar year, and if the principal believes repeated instances of erratic attendance or repeated late arrival at school is adversely affecting a child’s education, an investigative process is followed which may lead to referral to the Police for prosecution